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OpenTheFile.org offers reliable assistance and professional support in solving problems related to the opening of the unknown files.

Anyone using the information presented on the site can quickly open any unknown file without professional help of the IT specialist.

How to recognize the file format?

Each file name is complemented with a special file extension, the task of which is to inform the user and the operating system about the format in which the data contained in it are saved. To open the file, use a program that supports the format specified by the extension.

The file does not open. I do not know what format it is, what should I do?

File extensions are hidden by the Operating System. To see the extensions of all the files, including the file, which we cannot open, follow the steps listed below:

  • Enter Windows Explorer or click My Computer
  • Go to the Control Panel and then to Folder Options
  • Select the View
  • Find the setting specified as Hide extensions for known file types , then Clear this field.
  • Click OK
But remember that you cannot use this method for files with extensions .exe, .com and .bat

Popular extensions in our site database

File extension File name Popularity
.CUR file extension Windows Cursor Rate 5
.DXF file extension Drawing Exchange Format File Rate 5
.EPS file extension Encapsulated PostScript File Rate 5
.JPG file extension JPEG Image Rate 5
.KEY file extension Keynote Presentation Rate 5
.LUA file extension Lua Source File Rate 5
.PNG file extension Portable Network Graphic Rate 5
.RAR file extension WinRAR Compressed Archive Rate 5
.SQL file extension Structured Query Language Data File Rate 5
.TMP file extension Temporary File Rate 5