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.gbr file extension

There are several reasons that can cause problems with opening the .gbr file on your device. Some of them appear much more frequently.

  • The first most common problem is the lack of an installed software (in the correct version) that supports .gbr file. Browse the programs installed on your device, and make sure you have one of the programs from the list that you see below. If you do not have any of these programs, simply download and install one of them . When you install a new program just double click on the .gbr file with which you had the problem and select the newly installed software as the default software to support the file.
  • Another frequently encountered cause is incorrect association of the .gbr file with a program designed to support it. This problem can also be solved easily. Try this page and follow the instructions. But remember to make sure that you have installed at least one of the programs from the list below . To make the .gbr file open up properly, you must associate it with one of them.

In our database we have 2 types of files with .gbr extension.

Types of files with the .gbr extension in our database

  • 1. Gerber File

    Category Data Files
    Developer Ucamco
    Popularity Popularity

    • Altium Designer
    • GraphiCode GC-Prevue
    • PentaLogix ViewMate
    • Pentalogix ViewMaster
    • PTC Creo View Express
    • SofTech DesignGateway
    • Artwork Conversion GBR2DXF
    • Gerbv
    • gEDA
    • gEDA

  • 2. GIMP Brush File

    Category Raster Image Files
    Developer GIMP
    Popularity Popularity

    • GIMP
    • GIMP
    • GIMP

File association with the application to support it is carried out by the file extension. If, for example a .gbr file is associated with one of the applications from the list, then when you double click on the file, the operating system will run this application and open the .gbr file.

In addition, you can find on the site addresses of all required software for .gbr files. We try to provide addresses to the sites of manufacturers, so that appropriate programs could be downloaded from the most reliable source.

For some files, different software supports running the file, editing it, and even saving the data in a .gbr file, which makes working with the file difficult. That is why we created a continuously updated database to which we add information about the particular software. You also can develop our database by using the form included on the site.

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